Revenues, Tati, Railways
1918 Postal Fiscal £5 surcharge on 1/- unappropriated die (SG F2)  -  Bechuanaland Protectorate 'Cattle' design inscribed 'Revenue – Revenue'
Revenue 1960 (7th July), four-page Deed of Transfer document (215x343mm). Bearing stamps totaling £42.5s, being the duty on a transaction of £5,500. Comprising QEII Postage-Revenue 5/- and QEII Revenue-Revenue £1 deep green and grey-black (pair) and £5 orange-red and grey-black (BLOCK OF EIGHT) all neatly tied by DEEDS REGISTRY / 7 JUL 1960 / BECHUANALAND PROTECTORATE oval datestamps struck in black. The £5 stamps are in a distinctly reddish shade with a deep frame, possibly indicating a later printing. A rare and spectacular franking. (SG 152, T&M 17.1, 17.2 / Barefoot 68, 69).