Revenues, Tati, Railways
1918 Postal Fiscal £5 surcharge on 1/- unappropriated die (SG F2)  -  Bechuanaland Protectorate 'Cattle' design inscribed 'Revenue – Revenue'
Revenue 1943 (28th October), Title Deed document (212x335mm, folded for display). Bearing a single KGV £1 deep green and slate-black ‘cattle and baobab’ revenue stamp, used in combination with KGVI 1/- and 5/- postage stamps. All tied by DEEDS REGISTRY / MAFEKING (28 10 1943) oval datestamps. With older inserted ‘diagram’ dated 1929 with hand drawn map of land granted to the BSAC in 1906, bearing Union of South Africa KGV small format revenue 3/- (strip of three) and 15/- all tied by Surveyor General / Cape Town (21 May 1938) oval datestamps. Includes copy of a proclamation by the High Commissioner of South Africa dated 17th February 1905 granting Bechuanaland Protectorate land to the British South Africa Company. (T&M 14.1 / Barefoot 64, SG 125, 127).