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RNA16 ARMS OF THE TERRITORY Image of the Arms of Rhodesia 'JUSTICE COMMERCE FREEDOM' printed in colours on silk. Wills Cigarettes card (70x46mm), No. 36 from the 'Arms of the British Empire' series. £20
According to the Bulawayo Sketch (a cyclostyled weekly) of the 21.11.1895, W. Rausch had a studio in Abercorn Street, Bulawayo, opposite the Bank Of Africa. 'All kinds of photographic work undertaken - groups photographed in town or country'. He offered a large variety of photographic Christmas cards and 'native' photographs.
RNA25 PHOTOGRAPH c1896 black and white image of four European men standing in front of a thatched structure, a native seated below, PRINCE ALEXR OF TECK AT MATOLE STORE. AFTERNOON TEA, (298x210mm). By W. Rausch, with his imprint at lower right. £175
RNA6 PHOTOGRAPH c1896 black and white image of a thatched building with a number of early settles in front, 'Six MILE Spruit Hotel', (215x151mm). By W. Rausch, with his imprint alongside the caption and numbered '86'. Mounted on card and presumably removed from a contemporary album. £45
RNA10 PHOTOGRAPH c1896 black and white image of a large number of well dressed settlers on the verandah of Government House, a large number of natives seated in front, 'INDABA GOV. HOUSE' (205x152mm). By W. Rausch, with his imprint lower right. £50
RNA12 PHOTOGRAPH c1896 black and white image of a large number of natives amongst a rocky outcrop, 'FRIENDLY NATIVES, NAPIERS FARM' (206x152mm). By W. Rausch, with his imprint lower right. £45
RNA13 PHOTOGRAPH c1896 black and white image of an armed settler in front of buildings and a rocky outcrop, 'CUMMINGS STORE NOW MEIKLES WHER GIFFORD HAD FIGHT WITH MATTABELE' ((sic), (205x150mm). By W. Rausch, with his imprint lower right. £65
RNA15 PHOTOGRAPH c1896 black and white image of mounted troops 'POMPOM BATTERY LEAVING BULAWAYO', (217x152mm). By W. Rausch, with his imprint lower right. £40
RNA14 PHOTOGRAPH c1896 black and white image of early settlers in a bush scene, 'BUILDING A FORT AT CROCODIL POOL'S STATION' (sic), (204x151mm). By W. Rausch, with his imprint lower right. £45
RNA17 PHOTOGRAPH c1896 black and white image of Bulawayo, 'THE LAAGER, MARKET SQUARE', (205x107mm). By W. Rausch, with his imprint lower right. £55
RNA20 PHOTOGRAPH c1896 black and white image of troops alongside their stabled mounts, 'IMPR BUSH MAN LEAVIN BULAWAYO' (215x152mm). By W. Rausch, with his imprint lower right. £45
RNA26 PHOTOGRAPH c1896 black and white image of open veld with numerous native huts (289x223mm). By Rausch with his imprint lower right and 'KAFFIR KRAAL' lower left. £50
RNA1 PHOTOGRAPH c1896 black and white image of a crocodile, on a sandbank river scene (215x151mm). By Rausch but with his imprint 'Guay Riv 184' at lower right. £45
RNA2 PHOTOGRAPH c1896 black and white image of a crocodile with open jaws, on a sandbank river scene (215x151mm). By Rausch but with only his part imprint 'Guay Riv' at lower right. £35
RNA27 PHOTOGRAPH c1896 black and white image Memorial Hospital, Bulawayo (293x220mm). Small tear at upper right corner. Probably by Rausch but without his imprint. £45
RNA23 PHOTOGRAPH c1896 black and white image of two Lion cubs against a bush scene background (205x152mm), mounted on board. Probably by Rausch but not marked as such. £25
RNA22 PHOTOGRAPH c1896 black and white image of two early settlers, one holding two puppies, a native and two Lion cubs against a bush scene background (205x151mm), mounted on board. Lightly scuffed at upper right corner. Probably by Rausch but not marked as such. £20
RNA19 PHOTOGRAPH c1896 black and white image of settlers within a stockade of wagons and sandbags, apparently Bulawayo Town Hall at upper left. Presumably taken at the time of the first Matabele Rebellion (215x153mm). Probably by Rausch although not marked as such. £65
RNA3 PHOTOGRAPH c1896 black and white image of an early settler in front of a tent and primitive structures, most likely an early farmstead scene (205x151mm). Probably by Rausch but not marked as such. £25
RNA35 PHOTOGRAPHS Collection of 29 black and white images, 12 90x65mm approx., 2 106x82mm and 15 162x118mm approx., c1905 and earlier. The smaller images with five showing military personnel, the balance local or rural scenes. The mid sized both of Beatrice Mine and the larger all of street scenes in Salisbury with prominent buildings along Manica Road, Rhodesia Club, Chamber of Mines building, Salisbury Tobacco Company building, Market Hall building, Anglo African Trading, Lennon Limited Photographic dealers etc., a river scene and finally an early steam tractor. Some with faults or damage, mostly fine. A most unusual and evocative group. Together with card wrapper endorsed 'Snapshots of Salisbury 1905'. £250
The following items all reference to the opening of the Railway line into Bulawayo, October 1897, a significant milestone and contribution to the development of the Country.
Most of these items are significantly rare, and especially so in their condition.
RNA37 RAILWAY TIMETABLE Printed blue on buff 'Formal Opening of Line to Bulawayo' Time Table. Published by the Cape Government and Bechuanaland Railways, a four section folding card, the inner section detailing all the stops from Cape Town, leaving at 3p.m. on the 31st October 1897 with the various connecting services and stops, finally arriving in Bulawayo on the 4th November at 8.45 a.m. The card dated 12th October, 1897, and printed by W.A. Richards and Sons, Government Printers, Cape Town. In a remarkable state of preservation and a rare survivor. £350
RNA38 RAILWAY TIMETABLE Printed gilt on cream card 'Formal Opening of Railway Communication to Bulawayo / Special Train Time Table.' Internally with two pages detailing the start of the journey in Cape Town, at either 3 p.m. or 4 p.m., and the various stopping points to Bulawayo, the first arriving on the 4th November, 1897 at 8.45 a.m. Issued by the Cape Government and printed by Townshend, Taylor and Snashall of Cape Town. In a wonderful state of preservation, and a rarity as such. £350
RNA30 LETTER OF CONFIRMATION Printed two page letter from the joint secretaries of the Bulawayo Railway Celebrations Committee, Earnest C. Baxter and Charles W. Bloomfield, from their offices at 4 Glass's Chambers, Bulawayo, and dated October 9th, 1897. The letter detailing previous correspondence and advice that a free return pass to Bulawayo, reservations for this, and further advice for the upcoming event. Further to ask that this letter be brought and would be exchanged for a badge to recognise admission to all the planned events and accommodation. The second page detailing the events planned. This letter issued to D. Ward Esq., Crown Prosecutor, Cape Town. Along with the despatch envelope bearing 8d small Arms (SG 24), cancelled 'BULAWAYO SP 11 97', addressed to Cape Town, arrival backstamp. A truly remarkable survivor and most likely unique. £950
RNA42 INVITATION CARD Gilt on cream card 'Bulawayo Railway Celebration.' invitation to the opening of the Railway to Bulawayo. Issued to Daniel Ward Esq., and on behalf of the Committee by Arthur Lawley. Reverse with list of the members of said committee.
Note: Capt. the Hon. Arthur Lawley became deputy Administrator of Matabelelend from 1897 to 1898, and from December 1898 to March 1901, Administrator
RNA32 INVITATION Single page printed black on cream 'Free Pass in your favour to Bulawayo and back, to enable you to attend the Railway Opening festivities'. Cape Government crest at top, and issued by the Office of the General Manager of Railways, Cape Town, 18th October, 1897. Endorsed in ink at base to assemble at 'Cape Town' on the 31st at 4.0 pm. Folded vertically, a remarkable survivor. £225
RNA28 LETTER OF INVITATION Printed 'Bulawayo Railway Celebration' letter, dated August, 1897. To advise the recipient of the accompanying invitation to attend the Opening of the Railway line, outlining the details of the programme of events, dates, etc. This invitation issued to David Ward Esq., Crown Prosecutor, and signed by two Secretaries Ernest Baxter and Charles Bloomfield. Quarter folded, remarkably fresh and a rare survivor. £375
RNA41 MEDAL Gilt metal Badge, bearing the Arms of the British South Africa Company, worded 'BULAWAYO / 4th NOVr 1897' (24x31mm, plus ring at top). Each guest received one of these upon their arrival in Bulawayo. It further served as a pass to all the events and functions organised by the Celebrations Committee. £350
RNA40 PRESS CUTTING Piece cut from an edition of The Cape Times (Intaglio Supplement), dated Thursday, September 11, 1930. An illustration of the stage coach leaving Salisbury for Bulawayo on its last journey before the Opening of the Railway line in 1897, in front of the Zeederberg Coach Office. A further smaller image of the train arriving in Bulawayo with the famous 'Advance Rhodesia' flag on the front of the train. Both folded but still fine. Unusual. £35
RNA69 NEWSPAPER THE RHODESIA HERALD, Salisbury and dated 12th November, 1965. Headline UDI RHODESIA GOES IT ALONE, the day after UDI was declared. With an image of Ian Smith at centre, numerous articles related to the event including 'WILSON CALLS UDI 'AN ILLEGAL ACT', etc. And interestingly a comment about censorship with several blank columns. Further signed I. Douglas Smith above his photograph. A further four pages from the edition, although all loose. Browned towards top and peripheral faults. A remarkable and historic account, no doubt a RARE survivor. £350
RNA67 MAP c1925 colour printed Map titled 'SOUTHERN RHODESIA' (425x328mm), published by W. and A. K. Johnston, Edinburgh & London. Very detailed with districts, towns and villages indicated together with rivers, mines, topography, roads, railways, etc. Numbered as '36A'. Issued as folded vertically. Some minor edge faults now strengthened with archival tape. Most attractive. £65
RNA44 COMMEMORATIVE CROWN 1953 Rhodes Centenary Commemorative Crown. Fine in issued red leather box, gilt inscription. SOLD
RNA45 GOLD COIN 1966 Reserve Bank of Rhodesia QEII Ten Shillings gold coin. Reverse showing a sable, produced by the South African Mint, green rexine box, gilt. SOLD
RNA47 GOLD COINS 1966 Reserve Bank of Rhodesia QEII 5, 1 and Ten Shillings set of three gold coins. Issued to commemorate Independence in November 1965, reverse showing Arms of the country, Lion with tusk and sable respectively. A total of 3000 of the 5 minted, produced by the South African Mint, black rexine box, gilt. 51.92 grams in total representing 47.59 pure gold content £3,250
RNA62 RECORD INDEPENDENCE. The Circumstances Surrounding Rhodesia's Historic Unilateral Declaration of Independence. LP vinyl record of the various speeches made by Ian Smith and a few by Harold Wilson. Within a double sleeve showing Ian Smith signing the Declaration on cover, internally with a copy of the document itself and an image of a man standing alongside the grave of Cecil Rhodes, Matopos. Published by the Rhodesian Ministry of Immigration and Tourism, c1966. RARE. £250
RNA63 RECORD JOHN EDMOND. All 49 Original Rhodesian Troopie Songs. Twin LP vinyl records in twin sleeve, internally with the Rhodesia Coat of Arms and numerous accolades. RARE. £110
RNA9 PLAQUE c1972 copper image of circular portion of the Rhodesian flag, surmounted with an embossed image of the Arms in copper, 'RHODESIA' in ribbon at top, green enamel (162x179mm). Mounted on thick wood. Manufacturers label on reverse. Perfect. £85
RNA84 AUCTION CATALOGUE Postage Stamps of Rhodesia R. M. Gibbs 1910-13 Double Heads. Sotheby's, London 1987. Illustrated boards, fine. The classic work on the issue, invaluable coloured plates and descriptive text. £25
RNA83 AUCTION CATALOGUE Postage Stamps of Rhodesia R. M. Gibbs 1913-24 Admirals. Sotheby's, London 1988. Illustrated boards, fine. The classic work on the issue, invaluable coloured plates and descriptive text. £45

Published by Books of Rhodesia, Bulawayo, 1968 1974. De Luxe Edition: 36 volumes uniformly bound in full tan leather, decorated and titled gilt on the upper covers and with red title labels on the spines. Each contained within a brown cloth slip case.
The leather bound de luxe edition limited to 150 copies. Each volume in this set is numbered 108.
Most volumes with new introductions and notes added. Some with light spotting to spine, otherwise fine and clean. A very difficult group.

1968/1971 Titles 1. The Gold Regions of S.-E.Africa 2. Sunshine And Storm In Rhodesia 3. The Old Transport Road 4. The Chronicles Of A Contractor 5. The Ruined Cities Of Mashonaland 6. Rhodesian Rhymes 7. Men, Mines and Animals In S.Africa 8. Adventures In Mashonaland 9. A Nobody In Mashonaland 10. Eleven Years In Central South Africa 11. Sally In Rhodesia 12. On The South African Frontier 13. Memories Of Mashonaland 14. A Hunter's Wanderings In Africa 15. The Log Of A Native Commissioner 16. Rhodes - A Life 17. The Downfall Of Lobengula 18. Melina Rorke 19. The Real Rhodesia 20. With The Mounted Infantry And M.F.F., 1896

1972 Titles 21. With Plumer In Matabeleland 22. One Man's Hand 23. The Ancient Ruins Of Rhodesia 24. Great Days 25. Travel And Adventure In South-East Africa 26. The Autobiography Of An Old Drifter

1973 Titles 27. Ex Africa 28. To The Victoria Falls Of The Zambesi 29. The Recollections Of William Finaughty 30. The Jameson Raid 31. Some African Milestones 32. How We Made Rhodesia

1974 Titles 33. Through Matabeleland: Ten Months In A Waggon 34. Kingsley Fairbridge 35. Three Years In Savage Africa 36. With Rhodes In Mashonaland
RNA55 BAINES, THOMAS. THE GOLD REGIONS OF SOUTH EASTERN AFRICA. London, 1877, 240 pp. Quarter brown leather, fine. £165
RNA56 BAKER, HERBERT. CECIL RHODES BY HIS ARCHITECT. London 1934, 182 pp. Rebound tan cloth. Fine. £45
RNA59 BALFOUR, ALICE BLANCH. TWELVE HUNDRED MILES IN A WAGON. London 1895, 265 + 32 pp. Maroon cloth gilt. Minor marks to cover, clean throughout. £125
RNA60 BALFOUR, ALICE BLANCH. TWELVE HUNDRED MILES IN A WAGON. Salisbury 1970, reprint of the London 1895 edition. Pioneer Head, limited edition 1086 of 1500 copies, 265 + 32 pp. Maroon cloth gilt, dust wrapper. Faults to dust wrapper, clean throughout. £40
RNA61 BEIT, SIR ALFRED and LOCKHART, J. G. THE WILL AND THE WAY. being an account of Alfred Best and the Trust which he founded. London 1957, 106 pp. Red cloth gilt, vellum gilt spine. Limited edition. Some very minor spotting otherwise fine and clean. Scarce. £75
RNA57 BENT, J. THEODORE. THE RUINED CITIES OF MASHONALAND Being a record of Excavation and Exploration in 1891. New edition, London 1896, 427 + 24 pp. Maroon cloth, silver gilt. A fine copy. £75
RNA58 BLENNERHASSETT, ROSE and SLEEMAN, LUCY. ADVENTURES IN MASHONALAND by Two Hospital Nurses. London 1894, 340pp, red cloth gilt. Spine faded, light spotting to front map and tissue guard, rear free endpaper lacking, otherwise clean. £75
RNA53 BROWN, WILLIAM HARVEY. ON THE SOUTH AFRICAN FRONTIER. The Adventures and Observations of an American in Mashonaland and Matabeleland. New York 1899, 430pp, folding map. Green cloth gilt. Spine faded otherwise a fine clean copy. £125
RNA54 BULAWAYO UP-TO-DATE. A Handbook to Rhodesia (WALTER H. WILLS, editor). London 1899, 320pp. Red, white and blue cloth. Spine lightly browned otherwise a wonderfully clean copy, bookplate of I & F. W. Hosken.
Note: a remarkable compilation of a very wide range of topics covering the development of the new country, even more so bearing in mind seven years odd since the arrival of the Pioneer Column in Salisbury. Extensive advertising giving an insight into the commercial opportunities
RNA70 BURNHAM, MAJOR FREDERICK RUSSELL, D.S.O. SCOUTING ON TWO CONTINENTS New York 1928, 370pp. Blue cloth gilt, spine faded and back cover slightly split. £85
RNA75 CARNEGIE, REV. D. AMONG THE MATABELE for ten years Resident at Hope Fountain Twelve Miles from Bulawayo London, 1894 second edition with a new chapter on 'The Ma-shuna'. Lobengula frontispiece, 140pp. Light brown cloth illustrated. Fine. £75
RNA71 CLARK, J. DESMOND (Editor). THE VICTORIA FALLS ILLUSTRATED Northern Rhodesia 1952, 160pp. Illustrated card. Fine. £35
RNA72 CLARKSON FLETCHER, M. I. Mech. E (Through the trance Mediumship of Richard E. Pugh, Bulawayo). PSYCHIC EPISODES OF GREAT ZIMBABWE A True Narrative South Africa, nd c1941, 101pp. Printed boards, dw. Near fine. A most unusual title. £55
RNA73 COILLARD, FRANCOIS (from the French and edited by his niece) ON THE THRESHOLD OF CENTRAL AFRICA London, 1897, 663 pp, folding map. Light brown cloth gilt. Near fine. £145
RNA74 COLVILLE, MRS. ARTHUR 1000 MILES IN A MANCHILLA: Travel and Sport in Nyasaland, Angoniland, and Rhodesia, with some Account of the Resources of these Countries; and Chapters on Sport by Colonel Colville, C.B. London, 1911, 311pp, folding map. Red cloth, spine faded otherwise fine. £65
RNA81 COLVIN, IAN. THE LIFE OF JAMESON London 1922, 2 volumes, 314 and 352pp. light blue cloth gilt, light spotting at first few pages. £65
RNA82 COUPLAND, R. KIRK ON THE ZAMBESI A Chapter of African History. Oxford, 1928, 286pp, folding map. Red cloth, spine faded and to top of front cover, light spotting to endpapers. £35
RNA80 DANN, H. C. F.R.P.S.L. THE ROMANCE OF THE POSTS OF RHODESIA British Central Africa and Nyasaland. London, 1940, 151pp. Light blue cloth gilt. A clean copy. £75
RNA78 DANN, H. C. THE CANCELLATIONS OF THE RHODESIAS AND NYASALAND. Robson Lowe, London nd (1950). Red cloth, 85pp. Red cloth, fine. £65
RNA79 DEPELCHIN, Peres H and CROONENBERGHS, S. J. TROIS ANS DANS L'AFRIQUE AUSTRALE Le Pays des Matabeles. Bruxelles 1882 (In French), 428pp, folding map. Rebound in quarter olive leather, some light browning at front and rear. Scarce. £95
RNA50 MARSHALL HOLE, HUGH OLD RHODESIAN DAYS. London 1928, 140pp, folding map. Brown cloth gilt. Very fine and a clean copy. £50
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